ScriptKit is cool! - Here's how it is helping me with manual repetitive tasks.

I had a use-case where the local development server needs the oauth token from a deployed application to be stored on a local file. Problem is that the expiry of token is short which interrupts my flow of work and then i have to again do the following steps..

  • Open the deployed application
  • Login in with credentials
  • Snip the token from devtools
  • Switch over local file and replace the token.

Although, it just takes one minute, but this task is dreadful to me.

My initial idea was to create a chrome extension which will snip the token from the website and will ping a local server endpoint which in turn will update the local-file with new token using fs

Enter Scriptkit

It does everything i needed with a solid framework to invoke 💪🏻

I'm using, Playwright for browser automation (open -> login -> read token) and then using fs update the local file. I can invoke it via terminal OR via prompt. It just works.

CLI | Prompt ------------ | ------------- in-cli | in-prompt

Thank you for the script kit. I'm already thinking about my next task to automate.