Preview of the Panel component

This is releasing late tonight. Here's the code for the above video:

//Menu: Testing Arg Panel
//Description: Testing the sequence
//Author: johnlindquist
//Twitter: @johnlindquist
let showGif = await arg(
"You can display anything",
`<div class="flex justify-center">
<img src="" alt="">
let showLinks = await arg(
"Including links",
[Join the discussion](
let term = await arg(
"This still returns the input",
md(`## What kind of joke would you like to hear?`)
let joke = await arg(
`Here's a ${term} joke to get your day started:`,
async () => {
let response = await get(
headers: {
Accept: "text/plain",
return md(
.filter(string => string?.trim()?.length)
joke => `* ${joke}
let autoUpdate = await arg(
"Auto-update works too!",
input => `Have a ${input} day!`