beta.98 - Previews 👀, Docs, devTools, updater improvements


Creating the previews feature was a huge undertaking, but it really paid off. You can now render html into a side pane by simply providing a preview function. A preview can be a simple string all the way to an async function per choice that loads data based on the currently selected choice. For examples, see here #555

You can toggle previews on/off with cmd+p


Along with previews comes the built-in docs.

  • Docs are built from the GitHub discussions docs category
  • Each time I post/update a doc, a webhook builds the docs into a json file, checks for a new docs.json once a day (or you can manually update them from the Help->Download Latest Docs
  • You can click an example to install it! 🎉
  • I'll keep working on docs and examples. Please ask any questions over in the docs section if you'd like to see something clarified.

Dev Tools

Pass any data into devTools to pop open a Dev Tools pane so you can interact with the data. devTools will first log out the data, but it's also assigned to an x variable you can interact with in the console.

devTools will be another paid feature once Script Kit 1.0 releases

Updater Fixes

A few users reported a strange behavior with the updater. If you've had any issues with it, please download a fresh copy of from and overwrite the old version. There are many more guards around the updating logic to prevent those issues from cropping up again.

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